An Animation Bilateral Filter for Slow-in and Slow-out Effects

지용 권

미디어피쉬 기술자문

Published in Graphics Models, Vol. 73, No. 5, pp.141-150, Sep. 2011.

Abstract: In this paper, we introduce a method that endows a given animation signal with slow-in and slow-out effects by using a bilateral filter scheme. By modifying the equation of the bilateral filter, the method applies reparameterization to the original animation trajectory. This holds extreme poses in the original animation trajectory for a long time, in such a way that there is no distortion or loss of the original information in the animation path. Our method can successfully enhance the slow-in and slow-out effects for several different types of animation data: keyframe and hand-drawn trajectory animation, motion capture data, and physically-based animation by using a rigid body simulation system.

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  1. Greed.Kidding. AM students do seem to cnteisosntly produce some of the best animation work out there. Just has that something extra that the other schools students don’t. Though I admit its early days for the competition. Also maybe they have a higher quality of mentors. There seems to be alot of Pixar animators at AM (at least when I was there) which could well be reflected in the price and also the quality of the student animation.But i’m guessing. Maybe JD could ask Sean 😛 (kidding)

  2. Wow! Just has a look through the enrtie videos. If that Principles video is a true reflection of the general quality of the lecture videos at AnimSchool then that is very impressive! And i’m not just talking about the quality of the character animation. IMHO its much more interesting and educational than the somewhat dry and overly theory based videos I remember from AM. Though it has been over 5 years since I was a student there so maybe they’ve changed.

  3. If you watched the video in the linked site, I hope you enjoyed it. Even though my algorithm perfectly apply the principles of the animation, I think it would be helpful for animators to make their own animation. And I keep on development of several theoretical tools for easy animation making.

  4. Maybe I guess that AM is Animation Mentor? The skillful animators who studied in such an animation school generates beautiful and fantastic character motion. I love it. But I also want to let a novice to make the character animation without a lot of time spending. That’s why I keep on researching the theoretical tools for animation. 🙂

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